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4 Years of Coordinated Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnosis from Academic Nodes

Time 01/15/13 11:40AM-12:00PM

This livestream has concluded. The archive video will be posted here. Archives can take up to two weeks to be posted.

Session Abstract

This talk will report our 4-year experience of active network performance measurement coordinated from eight measurement nodes (one at each university) in the Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET). Unlike many existing measurement platforms, ours covers the paths connected among the HARNET nodes (i.e., intra-domain measurement), as well as paths to other academic and commercial nodes outside HARNET (i.e., inter-domain measurement). By coordinating the active measurement from the measurement nodes and utilizing other public information, such as BGP routes, we can identify different types of network performance faults.

We will first present a classification of the types of performance faults discovered by our four-year measurement, and many of them occurred outside HARNET. We will then present in details three case studies: an ISP-scale packet reordering problem, a configuration problem caused by reverse-path traffic engineering, and performance degradation caused by Japan


Speaker Rocky Chang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Four-Year Experience of Coordinated Network Performance (pdf)

Speaker Rocky Chang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Secondary tracks Network Research & Emerging Technologies Network Performance/Utilization IPv6 Global Collaboration

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