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Qualitative DNSSEC Measurement Perspectives

Time 01/16/13 01:00PM-01:20PM

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Session Abstract

As DNSSEC deployment grows, there is a need to measure how it is being deployed and maintained. The data from such analysis will serve to show where improvements can be made in deployment and in the protocol itself to make it more successful as a security feature in the suite of Internet protocols. We discuss in this talk analysis perspectives, including active and passive monitoring and cache introspection, and how each contributes to qualitative DNS measurement. We discuss the this functionality as it has been implemented in DNSViz, an online DNS analysis and visualization tool. We discuss deployment trends from two years' worth of active measurement, providing anecdotal experiences. We also introduce new features, such as cache introspection, as additional resources for DNSSEC troubleshooting and analysis.


Speaker Casey Deccio Sandia National Laboratories

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Qualitative DNS Measurement Perspectives (pdf)

Speaker Casey Deccio Sandia National Laboratories

Secondary tracks Security Network Performance/Utilization Network Architecture & Operations

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