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ICT support for intercontinental telematic performances

Time 01/15/13 02:20PM-02:40PM

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Session Abstract

In recent years, improvements in information and communications technologies (ICT) have extended the scope for remote interactive collaboration between practitioners of the performing arts. This presentation deals with telematic dance, a single performance carried out by dancers in multiple diverse spaces, which may be observed in one or more of them. Schools of dance and ICT at two different universities in Brazil have jointly developed Arthron, whose main functionality is a simple and direct interface, designed for the manipulation of different sources and streams of media (audio and video) simultaneously. Arthron has been used to support several intercontinental telematic performances, including the one during APAN33 in Thailand in February 2012, which involved artists from Brasil, Korea, Spain and Thailand. Network support was provided by research networks from these four countries, Japan and the USA, specifically by extensions made to the High Performance Digital Media network (HPDMnet). It is expected that similar ICT support will be made available for a telematic dance performance planned for TIP2013 in Hawaii.


Speaker Michael Stanton RNP

Speaker Buseung Cho KISTI - Korea

Speaker Iara Machado RNP

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks R&E Network Applications Global Collaboration e-Culture / e-Performance

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