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Web10G: Continuing the Work of Web100

Time 01/16/13 03:30PM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

Web10G is the NSF funded follow on to Web100, the well known kernel level TCP instrumentation set used in NPAD, NDT, and other diagnostic tools. Web10G has expanded on Web100 by dramatically simplifying the API; providing an efficient interface to the TCP stack; and full RFC 4898 compliance. In this talk we will present a beta version of the kernel instrument set patch, a dynamically loadable kernel module for kernel-userspace communication, an intuitive userland API, and a live ISO. We will discuss the goals currently met, ongoing work, and our future direction. Additionally we will demonstrate a new Web10G QT-based user interface for the "Triage Tool", first developed for Web100, showing where a TCP connection is rate limited: server, receiver, or path, and a live TCP tracing tool for following chosen metrics. We will also encourage the community to think about new applications that can build on real time, per-connection, detailed TCP stack metrics.


Speaker Chris Rapier Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Speaker John Estabrook NCSA

Speaker Andrew Adams Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Secondary tracks Network Performance/Utilization Network Research & Emerging Technologies

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