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Network Abstractions: The first step towards a programmable WAN

Time 01/14/13 02:40PM-03:00PM

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Session Abstract

University campuses, Supercomputer centers and R&E networks are challenged to architect, build and support IT infrastructure to deal effectively with the data deluge facing most science disciplines. Hybrid network architecture, multi-domain bandwidth reservations, performance monitoring and GLIF Open Lightpath Exchanges (GOLE) are examples of network architectures that have been proposed, championed and implemented successfully to meet the needs of science. This talk explores a new "one virtual switch" abstraction leveraging software-defined networking and OpenFlow concepts, that provides the science users a simple, adaptable network framework to meet their future application requirements. The talk will include the high-level design that includes use of OpenFlow and OSCARS as well as implementation details from demonstration planned for super-computing.


Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Network Abstractions (pdf)

Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Secondary tracks Software Defined Networking Network Architecture & Operations

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