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Going Green: Network energy-efficiency research

Time 01/16/13 01:40PM-02:00PM

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Session Abstract

"How do we get Green out of the talking shop into reality? " this has been a challenge for all, with all disciplines looking at opportunities to reduce their CO2 footprint. Greentouch is a consortium of 60+ organizations worldwide looking at collaborative research to reduce network energy footprint by 1000x. This session will describe the rationale behind such a claim and give a preview of the research being done towards these goals. In addition, recent research done in bringing together network architectures with smart-grid and green energy sources will be presented. This talk will complement the more operational talk on monitoring of network power measurements being submitted by Jon Dugan


Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations Data Intensive Science

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