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Internet Routing Security and Monitoring

Time 01/16/13 10:40AM-11:00AM

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Session Abstract

This talk examines the current challenges facing Internet routing security and examines how different routing security solutions address these challenges. Using BGP data from Oregon RouteViews and Colorado State BGPmon, we provide an overview of BGP routing
behaviors and examine several events in depth. We then present some of proposed BGP security solutions and examine how these proposals would impact the solution. The talk pays particular attention to how research networks such APAN, Internet2, and ESnet are impacted by the routing security problems and, more importantly, how these networks could contribute to the development of routing security solutions.


Speaker Dan Massey Colorado State University

Speaker Cathie Olshanowsky Colorado State University

Speaker Joe Gersch Secure 64 SW Corporation

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Security Network Architecture & Operations Global Collaboration

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