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SDN Peering with XSP

Time 01/15/13 01:35PM-01:50PM

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Session Abstract

The development of peering mechanisms that define the relationships between administratively unique domains presents a set of new challenges when placed in the context of Software Defined Networks
(SDNs). Key considerations include the discovery and selection of controllers, the advertisement and exchange of flowspace, and the enforcement of policy and authorized use.

This talk will discuss recent developments to the eXtensible Session Protocol (XSP) in meeting the requirements listed above. We will describe how the notion of an XSP "session" provides a natural scope for the exchange of topology, controller capabilities, and authenticated updates to applied network rules. Our approach leverages the Unified Network Information Service (UNIS) for SDN controller discovery and to provide a consistent representation of both the advertised flowspace and the underlying network across layers. We will highlight the integration of XSP and UNIS and describe the development of general interfaces to SDN controller solutions such as Floodlight.


Speaker Ezra Kissel Indiana University

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail SDN Peering with XSD (pdf)

Speaker Ezra Kissel Indiana University

Secondary tracks R&E Network Applications Software Defined Networking

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