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InCommon Multifactor Authentication

Time 01/15/13 10:20AM-10:40AM

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Session Abstract

By themselves, plain old passwords aren't very
secure. We all use them for critical services,
but we know that they're often targeted for brute
force attacks, sniffing, and phishing. We can try
to make them harder to guess by making them
longer and more complex, and making users change
them more often, but that often just frustrates
users and can drive your help desk staff crazy.

We can make passwords (something you know) more
secure by requiring a "second factor" for login.

This second factor could be something you *have*
(such as a cryptographic hardware device), or
something you *are* (fingerprints, iris or
retinal scan, etc.). We might even consider
using a second *channel* -- such as a mobile phone
-- so that even if your computer or IP network
has been compromised, the hacker will be thwarted
by not having access to your mobile phone or
cellular network connectivity.

This session will describe InCommon's new
multifactor authentication offerings for the
community, including both our new site license
program from our partner Duo Security (a
smartphone based solution), and InCommon's Comodo
client certificates used with specially
discounted USB-format PKI hard tokens or smart
cards from our partnet SafeNet.


Speaker Joe St Sauver Internet2/University of Oregon

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail InCommon Multifactor Authentication (pdf)

Speaker Joe St Sauver Internet2/University of Oregon

Secondary tracks Security Network Research & Emerging Technologies

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