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100G WAN OpenFlow Deployment: Testing, Controller Placement and Lessons Learned+

Time 01/16/13 01:40PM-02:00PM

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Session Abstract

Internet2, Indiana University, and the Open Networking Research Center(ONRC) have partnered to build a nation-wide SDN-based WAN, and a set of OpenFlow control software used to operate the network. This session will discuss our initial approach to device and system testing and control plane survivability in this new and rapidly changing SDN environment. The adoption of any new technology into a production environment is always involves risk; SDN, and OpenFlow in particular, is no exception. To help mitigate this risk we have developed an automated testing environment for testing new versions of application, controller and switch software. This presentation will provide an introduction to this environment, our testing workflow, what we have learned from testing, and how this has driven changes in both software and network design. We will also share our current approach to control plane survivability and discuss future plans to enhance survivability. Specific topics include: how the limits of the OpenFlow 1.0 specification in combination with the controller placement impact network availability in current OpenFlow implementations, changes we have made to our software to enhance availability, and changes newer versions of OpenFlow bring to enhance availability.


Speaker Edward Balas Indiana University

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Software Defined Networking Network Performance/Utilization Network Architecture & Operations 100G Implementation Experiences

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