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Layer 2 High Performance Networking challenges and breakthroughs from GLIF 2012 and SC12

Time 01/14/13 02:40PM-03:00PM

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Session Abstract

New networking high water marks were achieved at important conferences recently and demonstrations attempted to address networking challenges in current High Performance Computing. These networks required spectral efficiency, photonic agility, high capacity and guaranteed availability over complex infrastructures. This presents formidable challenges and increasing complexity to network operators.

One approach was to create network Open Light Exchanges designed to dynamically connect at different physical and data link layers. Network designed with this architecture significantly enhance administration of bandwidth provisioning and services delivery. In the choice of technology, 100G is emerging as a common denominator, but what other speeds, switching or traffic steering should be considered?

In this presentation, we will discuss the integration of the high density layer 2 switching and forward looking topology which will include OTN switching capacity in order to reduce complexity, cost and increase agility and reconfigurability as proven and shown at key 2012 networking events.

Research and unique demonstrations of traffic optimization and flexibility scenarios using 100GE enabled high density switching fabric have been by led by Dr. Joe Mambretti, director at StarLight with the technical leadership of Linda Winkler of Argonne Laboratories and will be presented by collaborator Marc Lyonnais of Ciena Research Labs.


Speaker Marc Lyonnais Ciena Research Labs

Speaker Linda Winkler Argonne National Laboratory

Speaker Joe Mambretti Northwestern University

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Network Performance/Utilization Network Architecture & Operations Global Collaboration e-Medicine / e-Health e-Culture / e-Performance 100G Implementation Experiences

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