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SDN Based Peering

Time 01/15/13 03:30PM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

While much of the current SDN work is focused within the data center or within a single wide area domain, it is also interesting to consider the possible uses of SDN for a clean-slate approach to inter-domain routing with peering policies based on a richer set of application and data flow attributes.

This BoF will explore the use of SDN to provide a more flexible, more predictable inter-domain routing behavior. What does it mean to operate a SDN-based exchange? What types of policy management would this enable? What are the unmet objectives for current approaches to peering that would motivate such a change? What are the challenges to using SDN in this way?


NOTE: This session will also cover a brief presentation/discussion on Formal specification & verification methods for SDN controls & applications: Recently, SDN (software-defined networking) is emerging and intensively discussed as one of a key technologies to make network programmable and flexible. In SDN, incomplete or malicious programmable entity could cause break-down of underlying networks shared by heterogeneous devices and stake-holders. We discuss the formally verifiable networking framework for SDN, which consists of the three components formal specification and programming, verification methods, and implementation (control software and applications). Also, we present our case studies and examples on SDN modeling and verification using ACSR formal language and tools (e.g., invariant property checker of SDN topology, etc.).


Speaker Nick Feamster Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Heidi Picher Dempsey GENI Project Office

Speaker Ron Hutchins Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Russell Clark Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Myung Ki Shin ETRI

Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations Software Defined Networking

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