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International Collaboration for Security Event Information Sharing

Time 01/16/13 10:00AM-10:40AM

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Session Abstract

At the Summer 2009 JointTechs, the REN-ISAC Security Event System (SES) was introduced. SES provides for collection of security event data from participating institutions, data correlation, and output of threat indicators. Participants use the indicators in local protections, such as IDS and sinkholes, and in incident analysis. SES is a production tool serving the REN-ISAC community.

SES continues to evolve, as the Collective Intelligence Framework (CIF), receiving National Science Foundation support. CIF provides additional capabilities, including a broader base of data from public, private, and participant sources, additional data types, scaling, improved API, and inter-federated sharing. Core indicator sharing occurs within a multi-institutional trust community, such as within the community of REN-ISAC members. In CIF inter-federated, data collected in one trust community can be exchanged, through policy, with other communities.

Among TransPAC3 project deliverables, linking APAN and US networks, is to engage the respective communities to address security threats and incidents. In that context, US and APAN researchers established pilot inter-federation sharing of security event information among CIF systems, one operated by REN-ISAC at Indiana University, and another by researchers at Kyushu University and APAN-JP.

This presentation provides background on CIF, and details the APAN-US international security information sharing pilot.


Speaker Yasuichi Kitamura APAN

Speaker Yoshiaki Kasahara Kyushu University

Speaker Gabriel Iovino REN-ISAC

Speaker Kevin Benton Indiana University

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Secondary tracks Security Network Research & Emerging Technologies Global Collaboration

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