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The Network Documentation Tool - Netdot

Time 01/15/13 11:40AM-12:00PM

We do not host flash-based video files on our servers anymore. Please contact Web Support for further details about netcast videos.

Session Abstract

Netdot (netdot.uoregon.edu) is an open source tool designed to help
network administrators discover, organize, document and maintain their
campus network. It is actively developed at the University of Oregon,
where it is essential to our operation. Netdot is also being deployed
and supported in emerging regions around the world by the Network
Startup Resource Center (NSRC).

This talk will discuss some of Netdot's features, including:
- L2 and L3 network device discovery and topology mapping
- VLAN usage
- IPv4 and IPv6 address management (IPAM)
- Device tracking across the network by MAC, IP and port
- Inventory management of all devices and modules

Additionally, Netdot outputs configurations for DNS and DHCP servers,
and monitoring tools such as Nagios, Cacti and Smokeping, etc.

In recent months we have made major performance improvements, while
adding IPv6 neighbor tables discovery, DHCPv6 support and asset
tracking, among other features. This talk will also present our roadmap
of new features and welcome feedback from the I2 community.


Speaker Jos Dom University of Oregon

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Network Documentation Tool (pdf)

Speaker Jos Dom University of Oregon

Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations IPv6 Global Collaboration

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