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Mapping Combustion Sources at Night with Soumi NPP VIIRS Data

Time 01/13/13 08:30AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

The Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) is an instrument flown on the NASA/NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP). Most satellite sensors collect both day and night, but only record data in the solar wavelength regions when the scene is sunlit. In contrast, VIIRS collects data in three solar wavelength bands at night. With sunlight eliminated. combustion sources can be readily detected and measured. NGDC has developed an automated system for global mapping of combustion sources at night based on the detection of emission sources in the M10 (1.61 um) spectral band. The system uses radiances measured in nine spectral bands to confirm the detection and estimate the combustion source temperature and total radiant emissions. The MODTRAN atmospheric correction is parameterized by atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles processed from CrIS and ATMS data collected at the same time as the VIIRS. This workshop will provide an overview algorithms and data products produced, with a focus on gas flares.

Talks will include:

  • What is so great about nighttime VIIRS data for the detection and characterization of combustion sources? Speaker: Chris Elvidge, NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (chris.elvidge@noaa.gov)

  • Using the short-wave infrared for nocturnal detection of combustion sources in VIIRS data. Speaker: Mikhail Zhizhin, CIRES University of Colorado (mikhail.zhizhin@noaa.gov)

  • Estimating temperature and total radiant output for combustion sources detected at night in VIIRS data. Speaker: Feng-Chi Hsu, CIRES University of Colorado ( feng.c.hsu@noaa.gov)

  • Ranking gas flares based on radiant output. Speaker: Kimberly Baugh, CIRES University of Colorado (kim.baugh@noaa.gov)

Secondary tracks Data Intensive Science Global Collaboration R&E Network Applications

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