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Dynamic Circuit Network in JGN-X

Time 01/14/13 11:20AM-11:40AM

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Session Abstract

This presentation will describe an on-going dynamic circuit network (DCN) research in JGN-X (the Japanese Future Internet Testbed). The research objective is extending On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System (OSCARS) version 6, DCN software developed by the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), to effectively serve Japanese academic communities. Two development plans will be introduced:

  1. Shibboleth Interoperability: OSCARS will be extended to support a Shibboleth/Virtual Organization Management Service (VOMS) authentication services while OSCARS still maintain its own local authentication. The experiments will be performed between JGN-X and GakuNin (Shibboleth/VOMS-based Japanese academic federation).

  2. Attribute-based Resource Allocation Policies (RAPs): A new path computation element (PCE) called UP-PCE is added in to the conventional PCE chain of OSCARS v.6. The administrator in our extended OSCARS can define the resource policies as one of user attributes, which are called the User-PCE attributes. A User-PCE attribute indicates the resource policy


Speaker Tananun Orawiwattanakul NICT

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Secondary tracks Network Research & Emerging Technologies

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