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Future Lightpath Services

Time 01/14/13 11:00AM-11:20AM

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Session Abstract

Since mid 2012 SURFnet is building its new network, SURFnet7, based on Carrier Ethernet. A new Network Management System allows for direct integration of the dynamic lightpaths (Bandwidth on Demand). Hence users will be able to provision services faster than before. Internationally OGF's Network Service Interface (NSI) is used to setup paths.

SURFnet is currently experimenting with SDN and we're expecting a first OpenFlow testcase by the end of 2012. We envision that users request international network slices dynamically through our BoD software, using NSI. A first demonstration is foreseen based on our OpenFlow testcase.

In 2012 our connected institutions have asked for lightpath connectivity to commercial service providers. Therefore we connected some of these commercial service providers to NetherLight, the GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange in Amsterdam. By offering new services via NetherLight users can easily choose from different suppliers and connect to them using on-demand lightpaths.

Some examples of services that are already offered via NetherLight are SIP trunking and storage. Another example is a big data genomics supplier, that internationally - via GLIF - connects to NetherLight and is connected dynamically to ten end sites in the Netherlands.


Speaker Gerben van Malenstein SURFnet

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Secondary tracks Software Defined Networking Network Research & Emerging Technologies Global Collaboration

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