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Network Engineering Workshop

Time 01/16/13 10:00AM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

APAN is the regional R&E network in Asia, and is peering with both North America's R&E networks behind IRNC networks funded by NSF, and GEANT, behind TEIN network funded by EC.

APAN consists of national R&E networks that have various aspects, and has two members meetings in a year; sharing experiences to develop and deploy advanced network technologies in Asia are quite important for further collaborations in the region. The talks on the joint efforts with North America as well as Europe are also expected for the global collaborations.



Speaker Xing Li CERNET

Speaker Wenshui Chen APAN-TW

Speaker Zhonghui Li CERNET

Speaker Shankar Karuppayah MyREN

Speaker Jin Tanaka APAN-JP

Speaker Ilkwon Cho APAN-KR

Speaker Ikeda Takatoshi APAN-JP

Secondary tracks Software Defined Networking Network Research & Emerging Technologies Network Performance/Utilization Network Architecture & Operations IPv6 Global Collaboration 100G Implementation Experiences

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