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APAN/Internet2 IPv6 Working Group Meeting

Time 01/15/13 01:00PM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

The Internet2 IPv6 Working Group aims to make IPv6 an effective tool for the Internet2 community and, in so doing, to contribute to the IPv6 work in the broader Internet by exercising, proliferating, and improving IPv6 infrastructure and software in the Internet2 context.

Several talks have been incorporated in this session, including:

1. IPv6 over WiMAX: Fact, Challenges & Deployment (Shibendu Debbarma)

Implementation of WiMAX (based on IEEE 803.16 standard wireless communications) over IPv6 is facing challenges. WiMAX unlike other wireless technology uses point-to-multipoint communication is failing to support IPv6 functionalities. WiMAX technology does not support direct connection at MAC layer between two stations, all communication pass through Base Station (BS). So, it can not handle multicast IP communication and IPv6 auto-configuration functionality.

This paper will present the techniques and architectures of deploying WiMAX broadband communication over IPv6. Also, it will point out fact, challenges and solutions for deployment proposed by the 16ng IETF group and World WiMAX forum based on RFC on deploying WiMAX over IPv6.

2. Security Issues in IPv6 (Navaneethan Arjuman)

IPv6 has been available for many years, and the main reason for its existence is to address the impending depletion of IPv4 addresses. In addition to that, IPv6 was expected to be free from other unanticipated IPv4 design issues. Too bad these issues were only discovered when the internet saw its rise in prominence. As data communication began to create significant impact in people


Speaker Alan Whinery University of Hawaii

Speaker Navaneethan Arjuman National Advanced IPv6 Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Speaker Katsuyuki Hasebe NICT

Speaker Wang Jilong CERNET

Secondary tracks Network Research & Emerging Technologies IPv6

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