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OPEX & Availability Opportunities in Integrated Research Networks

Time 01/15/13 11:00AM-11:20AM

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Session Abstract

Funding for network deployments and expansions often takes only a cursory look at the impact of operational expenses. It may be possible to meaningfully reduce operating expenses while simultaneously increasing network availability and reliability through the use of IP over DWDM and other innovative technologies. In this session we discuss the results of modeling several national R&E network systems in order to estimate the potential reduction of CAPEX and OPEX, as well as the increase in reliability and service availability, that the use of IPoDWDM might provide. This will be accomplished by looking at several variables including node density, degree of connectivity, transponder space requirements, and power consumption. We demonstrate very large improvements in OPEX that scale well with increased density, marginally decreased CAPEX and significant gains in availability. We finish by proposing a network architecture optimized to reduce OPEX through the use of IPoDWDM.


Speaker Grover C. Browning Indiana University

Speaker Kevin McGrattan Cisco Systems

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Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations

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