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US Ignite Network Architectures

Time 01/16/13 11:00AM-11:20AM

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Session Abstract

US Ignite is an initiative to leverage SDN, neighborhood cloud (US Ignite Rack / GENI Rack), and gigabit bandwidth to the end user to enable novel public benefit applications. This session will discuss advanced network architectures for supporting US Ignite applications in areas such as healthcare and education. This will include such issues as: (a) network configurations when mixing production traffic and US Ignite traffic, (b) configuration of US Ignite / GENI racks, (c) locating US Ignite / GENI Racks, and (d) SDN topologies for collaborative US Ignite applications. As a specific application example, very high quality and very low cost videoconferencing that trades off bandwidth for cost will be demonstrated.


Speaker Glenn Ricart U.S. Ignite

Speaker Benjamin Smith Case Western Reserve University

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Software Defined Networking Network Research & Emerging Technologies Global Collaboration e-Medicine / e-Health e-Culture / e-Performance

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