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IPv6 is Mission Critical to Education

Time 01/14/13 01:40PM-02:00PM

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Session Abstract

On at least a theoretical level, one of the primary purposes of education is to prepare students for productive employment in society. Students starting their four-year degrees today will graduate into a world where IPv6 will soon be the primary protocol of the internet. As such, it is vital for the RENs and University networks to deploy IPv6 and actively work towards getting the associated institutions to incorporate IPv6 into their curriculum. Failure to do so is a disservice to the student population and to society.

In addition to addressing the critical and urgent need to deploy IPv6, this talk will also cover some of the basics of transition and how to get started.


Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail IPv6 Is Vital to Education (pdf)

Speaker Owen DeLong Hurricane Electric

Secondary tracks Network Architecture & Operations IPv6

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