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Time and Frequency transfer over optical networks

Time 01/16/13 11:30AM-11:45AM

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Session Abstract

The presentation will introduce time and frequency transfer over optical networks with a focus on real examples and experiments. The frequency transfer represents a mean to distribute frequency with unmatched precision. The time transfer opens another way to compare atomic clocks that draw benefits from the advantage of optical fibers. Two forefront experiments based on RENATER and CESNET experience will be discussed. The first experiment presents frequency transfer over 1100 km in French national research and education network (NREN). The time transfer in the second experiment overcome distance of 550 km in Czech and Austrian NRENs CESNET and ACONET. The presentation will also discuss achieved stability of transferred time and frequency together with posed requirements on optical networks. The topic will be concluded by the expected future work.


Speaker Pavel Skoda CESnet

Speaker Emilie Camisard GIP Renater

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Network Performance/Utilization Network Architecture & Operations

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