Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advances on End-to-End Network Monitoring and Provisioning Services on Global Scale

Time 04/25/12 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

This session should be focused on two main topics: global multi-domain network monitoring and end-to-end bandwidth on demand services. This should discuss how research networks across the globe are addressing the challenges in transitioning emerging technologies into operational services within their backbones. Main research and educational networks will be presenting the tools and technologies each one has adopted to deploy these types of services and to discuss the main challenges faced when moving these services into operational environment. Researchers and developers will be also presenting the latest updates on the technologies under development to support these services. The idea is to foster collaboration and share views on these main subjects amongst a broader audience.


Speaker Fausto Vetter RNP

Speaker Iara Machado RNP

Speaker Alex Moura RNP

Speaker Jeff Boote Internet2

Speaker Eric Boyd Internet2

Speaker Jason Zurawski Internet2

Speaker Andrew Mackarel HEAnet

Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Speaker Radek Krzywania Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Speaker Tangui Coulouarn Forskningsnet/UNI-C

Speaker Evangelos Chaniotakis Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

Speaker Ezra Kissel University of Delaware

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail GEANT BoD Update (ppt)

Speaker Tangui Coulouarn Forskningsnet/UNI-C

media item thumbnail NSI Update (ppt)

Speaker Inder Monga Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

media item thumbnail E2ENM (ppt)

Speaker Alex Moura RNP

Secondary tracks Research Partnership Development and Engagement R&D/Hybrid Networks Network Performance National/Regional Collaboration Middleware International Global Network Reach Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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