Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Internet2 Advanced Network Services

Time 04/25/12 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

This session will provide an overview of recent activities with the Internet2 Network and the services Internet2 has deployed to meet the networking needs of the US R&E community, including researchers, campuses, and regional networks. Topics will include an overview and update of Internet2 Advanced Network Services, Internet2 network operations, the Internet2 network architecture, and the policies and governance of the network and services.

One new topic, on which community feedback is particularly encouraged, is the announcement of an Internet2 portal that will give members a one-stop shop to see the status of all their Internet2 services. For network related services, this will enable visualization of how the Internet2 backbone networks are used by individual members. (What kind of traffic, how much, top talkers, performance etc.) For other services, such as InCommon, this might indicate how many certificates an institution has allocated. The availability of the first 'portlets' will be publicly announced during the meeting. We will solicit feedback to inform the development effort for additional ideas and priorities for inclusion.


Speaker Chris Robb Internet2

Speaker Jeff Boote Internet2

Speaker Randy Brogle Internet2

Speaker Eric Boyd Internet2

Speaker Brian Cashman Internet2

Secondary tracks United States Unified Community Anchor Network The Future: What's Next for the Net? Research Partnership Development and Engagement Network Planning and Engineering Network Performance National/Regional Collaboration Industry Partnership Development and Engagement Global Reach and Leadership Advanced Network Services and Leadership Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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