Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Campus Bridging in XSEDE, OSG, and Beyond.

Time 04/25/12 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Campus bridging is a growing subject of discussion as the research community strives to integrate resources at campus, local, and national levels and use the lessons learned in implementation of large scale infrastructure at multiple levels. The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) project of the NSF includes campus bridging as a key element. Campus bridging is intended to make it easier for researchers to transition from local to regional and national cyberinfrastructure and for collaboration to take place between researchers making use of cyberinfrastructure at all levels. Campus bridging takes a number of forms: common system layouts and, package distribution, best practices dissemination, documentation, training, and an infrastructure that allows resources to be aggregated across network and geographical boundaries. This session will provide insights of several members of the research community working with campus bridging. The session will include an overview of campus bridging and current campus bridging efforts piloted by XSEDE. The Open Science Grid's approach to software distribution will also be presented as an example of campus bridging. Finally, Indiana University and Cornell University will describe some of their Penguin On-Demand and Red Cloud


Speaker Andrew Grimshaw University of Virginia

Speaker Rich Knepper Indiana University

Speaker David Lifka Cornell University

Speaker Jim Ferguson National Institute for Computational Sciences

Speaker Dan Fraser Argonne National Laboratory

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Campus Bridging (pdf)

Speaker Rich Knepper Indiana University

Secondary tracks Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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