Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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SHV (8Kx4K Video) over IP Transmission using International R&E Networks

Time 04/23/12 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

This session will focus the topics on the "SHV over IP" technology. The SHV
(Super High Vision) is the extremely high definition video system having 8k x 4k resolution. This system may be used for public viewings of big sport events such as Olympic Games or World Cup Football Games using a combination of R&E
networks. The presentations will be on the technical details of SHV system and the network technologies used for a reliable and secure transmission over IP network including new FEC technology capable of large burst packet losses, multi-domain DCN operation collaborating with Internet2 and GEANT, multi-path robust signal transmission technology and precise packet monitoring using PRESTA measuring system. The importance of international collaborations among R&E network community will also be explained.


Speaker Tim Boundy Janet

Speaker Akeo Masuda NTT Network Service Systems Labs

Speaker Tatsuya Fujii NTT Network Innovation Labs

Speaker Yoshiaki Shishikui NHK Science and Technology Research Labs

Speaker Richard Hughes-Jones DANTE

Speaker Seiki Kuwabara NTT Network Innovation Labs

Secondary tracks Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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