Fall 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Trust Me, I

Time 10/03/12 04:30PM-05:30PM

Session Abstract

In the world of federated technologies, trust typically means two federated entities being able to establish confidence in each other, in terms of verifying that each other is who they think they are, that they represent the organization they say they do, and that transactions between the two can be secure, unaltered, and verifiable.

This session describes a revolutionary new infrastructure for meeting trust requirements to support access and collaboration for education, research and science communities in a non-web federated environment: Trust Routers.

Developed by Janet, Painless Security and colleagues in the IETF ABFAB Working Group, a Trust Router provides a novel approach to establishing trust between network hosts and services, which may significantly improve the flexibility, robustness and scalability of federated services. In this presentation we will describe the Trust Router Protocol; explain how Trust Routers exchange information; and discuss how Trust Routers will manage trust in a proposed new non-web federated service.


Speaker John Chapman Janet

Speaker Henry Hughes Janet

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Secondary tracks Security Research Partnership Development and Engagement National/Regional Collaboration Middleware International Focus on Federations Emerging Collaborations and Applications Cyberinfrastructure Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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