Fall 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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NRENs in the Future - Global Perspectives

Time 10/02/12 03:00PM-04:00PM

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Session Abstract

Today's NRENs provide key infrastructure within a country or region, facilitating collaborative research and connecting academic users to their global counterparts. Often, NRENs are the foundation for a knowledge economy, and can provide a springboard for innovation and transformation. In many instances, governments have recognized the important role played by NRENs and have developed national broadband initiatives around the critical infrastructure provided by them. The world is rapidly changing, and the mission of National Research and Education Networking organizations (NRENs) is evolving. The challenges for NRENs are now in other services, increasingly "services above the network" and related functions. Where will NRENs be five years from now (or beyond), which services will they be providing and which role will they play in the research and education environment? Our goal for this session is to compare and contrast provocative thoughts from a panel of NREN leaders. The proposed session is framed as a continuation of an engaging panel that has taken place at previous member meetings.


Speaker Salem Al-Agtash ASREN

Speaker Carlos Casasus CUDI-Mexico

Speaker Valentino Cavalli TERENA

Speaker Florencio Utreras RedClara

Speaker Michael Enrico GEANT/DANTE

Secondary tracks International Global Reach and Leadership Global Network Reach

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