Fall 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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IAM Solutions for the Community from the Community: CIFER and Friends

Time 10/04/12 10:30AM-11:45AM

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Session Abstract

Nothing in higher education IT is more foundational than identity and access management (IAM). Yet IAM remains one of the most challenging aspects of campus infrastructure development, deployment and support. Vendor churn in companies, products and pricing only adds to the complex set of risks associated with traditional approaches to IAM.

This session will showcase

  1. How selected campuses have achieved success in spite of these challenges and
  2. How CIFER, a major collaborative effort to develop comprehensive open-source community-supported solutions for IAM, is lowering the risks and increasing the benefits of IAM projects for a broad spectrum of institutions in higher education and research.

Presenters will speak from their own experiences in putting together solutions

  1. For Person identity registries, the very heart of IAM infrastructure and

  2. For provisioning and integration--the in-bound or out-bound wiring from IAM services to both systems of record and consumer/client systems.

A combination of recipes and toolkit recommendations will be shown to be the foundation upon which any number of IAM challenges can be met.


Speaker Celeste Copeland University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker Dedra Chamberlain University of California, Berkeley

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail CIFER 0.1 (pdf)

Speaker Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin-Madison

media item thumbnail CIFER 0.2 (pdf)

Speaker Dedra Chamberlain University of California, Berkeley

Secondary tracks Security Research Partnership Development and Engagement National/Regional Collaboration Middleware Internet2 NET+ Services Cyberinfrastructure Cloud Services

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