Fall 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Maximizing Internet Connectivity for Education

Time 10/04/12 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

A network connection is more than just a wire--it represents a way to
improve student learning, leverage resources, lower costs and share
services. But acquiring and using Internet connectivity for K-12 schools
continues to be an evolving art, requiring awareness of technical
advances, political trends, local resources and curricular needs. In
this session, leaders from education networks and schools in Michigan,
Missouri and New Jersey will discuss current approaches to providing
Internet access for schools; fiber-based solutions that enable resource
sharing; and network-using projects that boost student learning. Learn
how to creatively meet the ever-increasing need for network bandwidth,
collaborate on local fiber solutions, and pursue projects to enhance the
value of your investment.


Speaker Elwood Downing Merit Network, Inc.

Speaker Sheri Prupis NJEDge.Net

Speaker Dave Olson MOREnet

Speaker Matt Conforth Passaic Valley Regional High School

Speaker Mike Richardson REMC1

Speaker Kathy Menake Passaic Valley Regional High School

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks Strategies for Supporting Community Anchors National/Regional Collaboration Emerging Collaborations and Applications

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