Fall 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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DVTS and Universal Media Collaboration and Organization Tool (UMECOT)

Time 10/03/12 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

This session aims to present and discuss about the next generation DVTS (Digital Video Transport System). Deployment and contribution of DVTS to the Internet2 Society has enabled practical ways to send high quality video streaming in cost performance effective ways. DVTS is now implementing new interface such as USB interconnected HD cameras, SDI based interface, Android based PDAs, tablets, and phones. DVTS for MacOS has been released in June and we will have a hands-on for new Mac version as well. Also We will discuss a new UMECOT (Universal Media Expression, Collaboration and Organization Tool) together with 55 inch UMEBoard (Universal Media Expression Board).


Speaker Kazunori Sugiura Keio University

Speaker Yasuhito Tsukahara Keio University

Speaker Takeshi Sakurada Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Speaker Toshihiro Nakakura Keio University

Speaker Janak Bhimani Keio University

Speaker Masaaki SATO National University of Singapore

Secondary tracks Video Technologies Research Partnership Development and Engagement National/Regional Collaboration International Global Reach and Leadership Global Network Reach Arts and Humanities Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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