Fall 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Contemporary Issues Through Videoconferencing (CITVC): Preparing Students for Participation in Democracy and Global Citizenship

Time 10/02/12 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Participants will learn how 21st Century applications like videoconferencing; virtual field trips, and social networking promote dialogue with students, educators, and experts around the world. Also discussed is how globalization and advancements in technology require us, as educators, to reflect on past practices and develop new pedagogies for our changing world. Passaic Valley explored ways of maximizing the use of distance learning applications to provide unique, meaningful educational experiences for our students. Programs fell into two basic categories: programs offered by content providers, and programs created internally. The most successful of these has been our Around the World Videoconference programs that connect us with countries across the globe, and Science in Cinema programs that connect students with experts from around the world. Some of the most valuable partnerships made with content providers include NJEDge.net and MAGPI who provide us with both content and technical support, and Global Education Motivators, and Global Nomads who provide us with projects based on United Nation Initiatives and current global issues. Using the success of these programs, we created a course that would maximize the positive results observed and the development of the global experience and maturity level of the students participating in these activities.


Speaker Matthew Conforth NJEDge.Net

Speaker Gregg Festa Montclair State University

Speaker Kathy Menake Passaic Valley Regional High School

Secondary tracks Video Technologies Health Sciences Global Reach and Leadership Arts and Humanities Advanced Network Services and Leadership Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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