Summer 2012 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Web10G: The New Web100

Time 07/15/12 03:00PM-04:30PM

Session Abstract

Web10G is the successor to the Web100 project. While Web100 has enjoyed wide spread adoption in diagnosing networking performance, its design precludes it from inclusion in the mainstream production Linux kernels. Web10G's design addresses the issues in Web100 by leveraging an ABI based on NetLink and a streamlined API to facilitate easier creation and porting of Web10G applications. Moreover, Web10G elevates the instrumentation within Web100 to proposed standards, by implementing the RFC 4898 specification.

Our tutorial is designed to (i) acquaint the participants to the utility in Web10G, with an emphasis on demonstrating the various instruments exposed by Web10G, (ii) explain the transition from Web100 to Web10G, and the process required to port legacy Web100 code to the Web10G standard, and finally (iii) provide an environment for the participants promoting hands-on development and creation of simple Web10G clients using the newly retooled userland API. Our goal is to foster interest in network performance through the application of Web10G.

Participants are required to have a laptop with an active network connection.


Speaker Chris Rapier Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Speaker John Estabrook NCSA

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