Summer 2012 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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Quantifying Success in R&E Networking

Time 07/17/12 12:10PM-01:30PM

Session Abstract

How do R&E networks measure success? Though it's relatively simple to count bits and bytes, it's more challenging to quantify the impact of high-performance networks on universities, national labs, and global research collaborations.

Networking capabilities are rarely referenced in research publications, in contrast to other computational services such as supercomputing. As a community, can we do a better job of identifying metrics that help us demonstrate the essential role our networks play in directly enabling new discoveries?

This 'Metrics BoF' will bring together network operators from international, national, regional and local contexts, in order to share best practices and brainstorm new ideas for demonstrating the link between network capabilities and scientific discovery. The BoF will be the first in a series of ESnet-sponsored community dialogues around this topic.


Speaker Gregory Bell Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

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