Spring 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Cyberinfrastructure at Your Fingertips -- Campus Champions

Time 04/20/11 12:00PM-01:00PM

Session Abstract

Creative and innovative leadership in a global economy demands a U.S. workforce equipped to use a full and current suite of cyberinfrastructure (CI) research tools, including high performance and grid-based technologies. Access to the tools is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a CI-facile science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce. Experience using those tools must be included in their training as they pass through the country's colleges and universitites. To achieve that goal, all colleges and universities must have people on campus who are able to use and to teach about and with those tools. Though some may be faculty, others are not. Their crucial attribute is their willingness to become a champion for cyberinfrastructure tool use in research and education. The Campus Champion program is a conduit for researchers and educators to gain easy access to cyberinfrastructure resources. This BoF will describe the Campus Champion Program and encourage discussion of campus involvement, campus needs, and ways to enhance the research and educational experience using the available cyberinfrastructure.


Speaker Kay Hunt Purdue University

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Secondary tracks Cyberinfrastructure

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