Spring 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Oracle IDM Integration BoF

Time 04/20/11 07:30AM-08:30AM

Session Abstract

A number of member institutions have deployed Oracle's Identity Manager in one or another form, and many of our sites have done considerable development of custom connectors and utilities. This work has largely happened within institutional silos, and as a result, many of our sites have probably duplicated effort already expended at other sites. Many other sites are considering or have considered purchasing OIM, especially in light of the recent merger between Sun and Oracle.

We'd like to meet with any groups who have OIM deployed and who are or have previously been actively developing code to use Oracle's API (either for custom connectors, custom UIs, or other utilities) and discuss possible code-sharing options, potentially including establishing a shared code repository across our institutions.

We'd also like to invite any groups interested in or considering deploying OIM who might be interested in an integration code sharing arrangement between participating sites (or who just want to talk to folks from sites that use OIM to find out more about it).


Speaker Rob Carter Duke University

Speaker Shilen Patel Duke University

Secondary tracks Security Middleware

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