Spring 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Spring 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting

The Internet2 community converged April 18-20 in Arlington, Virginia for its annual Spring Member Meeting. The theme of the meeting program was "The Path Forward, Envisioning Opportunities" which is the message Dave Lambert, Internet2 CEO, shared with members of the community at the preceding 2010 Fall Member Meeting in Atlanta.

Key elements of the Path Forward include:

  1. Services above the network, e.g. Cloud Services; shared resources
  2. Advanced Network and Network services leadership
  3. The US Unified Community Anchor Network (US UCAN)
  4. National/Regional network organizations collaboration
  5. Global reach and leadership
  6. Research community development and engagement
  7. Industry partnership development and engagement

Also new with the Spring 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting was a focus on the Internet2 community's role in executing the National Broadband Strategy.

Internet2 Member Meetings bring the member community together for interactive discussions about new and ongoing work and provide a venue for members to make connections and form new collaborations. Additionally, the side meetings held in conjunction with the Member Meeting provide forums for Working Groups, SIGs and BoFs to meet face-to-face.

NOTE WELL: All statements addressed to and related to the activities of Internet2 working groups, working group projects, and Internet2 area initiatives and projects are subject to the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework, which grants to Internet2 and its members certain licenses and rights in such statements. These statements include conversations, correspondence, and/or all documents, electronic or physical. Statements not addressed to or not related to the activities of Internet2 working groups, working group projects, or Internet2 area initiatives or projects, that are clearly not intended to be input to an Internet2 activity, group or project, are not subject to these provisions. Statements made to a group where written confidentiality agreements are in place are also not subject to these provisions.

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