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Possible Extension of DVTS (Digital Video Transport System) to Latin America and South Africa: Current Problems and Expected Programs

Time 10/03/11 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

DVTS has been a useful tool for remote medical education because of good image quality and low cost. The community has been expanding from Asia to other regions, now connected to 27 countries with 150 institutions worldwide.

Although the main route of the research and education network has been globally established, the practical connection to the endpoint such as hospitals is another story due to last one-mile problems and intra-campus network with satisfactory system conditions to the users.

In this session, we would like to invite the presentations from endoscopic centers both in Latin America and South Africa where they have been trying hard to set up the system for advanced educational exposure to their community. Discussion between medical doctors and local engineers together with network engineers gathering at Internet2 Meeting will be expected.


Speaker Pablo Hurnan Cura Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Speaker Alberto Sanguinetti Gallinal Henry Cohen Gastroenterology Clinic

Speaker Sandie Thompson University of Cape Town

Speaker Carlos Kiyoshi Furuya Jr Clinics Hospital of University of S

Moderator Shuji Shimizu Kyushu University

Moderator Yasuichi Kitamura APAN

Speaker Franco Orellana Cl

Presentation Media

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