Internet2 Fall 2011 Member Meeting

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OIX initiative, US only?

Time 10/04/11 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

During the process of getting SWAMID (the Swedish identity federation) certified for the OIX initiative SWAMID has stumbled upon a number of issues that highlighted that some of the underlying expectations are different between the OIX initiative and the EU.
This presentation will highlight our findings, similarities as well as differences.

Within SWAMID there are a number of universities that want primarily pubMED. Even though it is possible for each university to separately become OIX certified SWAMID undertook the task of making an overall comparison between the SWAMID policy and the OIX requirements. By doing so SWAMID will become an RA for OIX, ie SWAMID can on behalf of OIX certify universities for OIX compliance.

Early findings indicated that certifying the whole federation at once was impossible while it could still be possible for a single entity to fulfill the OIX requirements.
Some of our findings also indicate some new risks that universities would take in participate in the OIX initiative, mostly on legal grounds.


Speaker Valter Nordh G

Speaker P Axelsson Uppsala University

Speaker Nicole Harris JISC

Secondary tracks National/Regional Collaboration Middleware and Federations Middleware

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