Internet2 Fall 2011 Member Meeting

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Shared Cyberinfrastructure for Global Medical Research

Time 10/03/11 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Medical researchers across the world are engaged in use of biomedical informatics and information technology from Robotic Radiosurgery Systems to nanobots; digital cadaver for training of surgeons; remote diagnosis of medical images and increasing use of videoconference. This session will try to bring together 4-5 examples from around the world and have an onsite panel of moderators to use these examples to create a comprehensive vision how advanced research networks could create a global knowledge cloud for medical research and healthcare reaching out to remotest areas.


Speaker Subrata Chattopadhyay C-DAC

Speaker Vijay Chandru Strand Life Sciences

Speaker Artur Binczewski Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Speaker Michael Sullivan Internet2

Speaker Anil Srivastava Open Health Systems Laboratory

Speaker H. Kim Lyerly Duke University

Speaker George Komatsoulis National Institutes of Health

Speaker Juliusz Pukacki Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Best practices for e-Healt and ICT cooperation in PSNC (pdf)

Speaker Artur Binczewski Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Secondary tracks The Future: What's Next for the Net? Strategic Planning Research Partnership Development and Engagement Internet2 NET+ Services International Industry Partnership Development and Engagement Health Sciences Governance Global Reach and Leadership Focus on Federations Cyberinfrastructure Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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