Internet2 Fall 2011 Member Meeting

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Establishing a Successful BTOP Partnership in Rural Southeast Ohio

Time 10/05/11 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

Ohio University has eight campus locations in southeast Ohio and is the cornerstone POP partner for a successful public-private BTOP rural broadband stimulus partnership. This partnership includes Horizon Telecom (prime BTOP contractor), OARNET (the Ohio higher network provider), and Ohio University and is part of the broader Ohio Middle Mile Consortium (OMMC). This session will focus on the challenges and solutions necessary to create this partnership including alignment of competing mission(s), co-location, competitive market conditions, and other issues that had to be overcome for success. It is anticipated that representatives from all three partners will participate in the session.


Speaker Pankaj Shah OARnet

Speaker Bill McKell Horizon Telecom

Speaker Brice Bible Ohio University

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks United States Unified Community Anchor Network Strategies for Supporting Community Anchors Strategic Planning National/Regional Collaboration Industry Partnership Development and Engagement Industry Governance Focus on Federations Cyberinfrastructure Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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