Internet2 Fall 2011 Member Meeting

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Measuring the Value of Your Regional Network Collaboration

Time 10/05/11 08:30AM-09:45AM

Session Abstract

Intuitively and anecdotally, many of us know the value of regional optical network collaborations. However, in today's climate of tight budgets and high accountability, it is critically important to be able to specifically measure and clearly express the value of your collaborative initiatives to your key stakeholders. The CIC Chief Information Officers asked their lead engineers on the OmniPoP (CIC's collaborative optical networking initiative based in Chicago) to develop a means for measuring the value OmniPoP delivers to its participating CIC universities. This session will discuss the OmniPoP process and tools developed and used to annually measure and report value as a potential model for other regional network collaborations.


Speaker Karen Partlow CIC - OmniPoP

Speaker Jeff Bartig University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker Steven Fleagle University of Iowa

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks United States Unified Community Anchor Network Strategic Planning Network Planning and Engineering Network Performance Cyberinfrastructure Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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