Internet2 Fall 2011 Member Meeting

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Teaching and Learning Around the World

Time 10/06/11 08:45AM-10:00AM

Session Abstract

Linking K-20 classes around the world can change teaching and learning dynamics for students and teachers in very positive ways. I have worked with elementary and high school teachers and higher education faculty all of whom commented that connectivity supported by R&E Networks has made possible broadcast-quality on-demand linkages anywhere in the world.
With a worldwide focus of providing pedagogy that infuses technology with teaching and learning and results in students becoming global citizens with 21st Century skill sets, Internet2 and R&E Networks worldwide are poised to enable true learning environments and support multinational teaching communities.
This is intended to be an open discussion to explore the potential of expanding an already proven Internet2-only classroom exchange program to include more classes from other R&E connected countries and states. How do we deal with issues such as centralized registrations, partnering classrooms, dealing with time zones, sharing logistics and insuring program integrity? How does the program grow yet stay manageable, and what about governance? Or is letting the program continue in some sort of Ad-Hoc fashion the best way to go and grow?
If you are interested in promoting and/or supporting K-20 global connectivity, please come and share your thoughts and ideas.


Speaker Larry Gallery NYSERNet

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks The Future: What's Next for the Net? Teaching and Learning Research Partnership Development and Engagement National/Regional Collaboration International Health Sciences Governance Global Reach and Leadership Arts and Humanities

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