Internet2 Fall 2011 Member Meeting

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Working with the "Other" Higher Education Institutions - Part 2

Time 10/05/11 01:15PM-02:30PM

Session Abstract

Picking up from the Spring MM, this session will continue to discuss ways to reach out to community colleges, technical colleges, tribal colleges, liberal arts colleges, small and mid-size baccalaureate colleges and other non-Ph.D. granting institutions to encourage connectivity to regional R&E Networks and working with RONS to create strategic partnerships to enhance technical education of staff, enable research partnerships and support teaching and learning.
An invitation is extended to all to participate in an open discussion about using the Internet2 community as a resource. While it's an open agenda, we hope to talk about the following:
1) How can these institutions benefit from a connection to the R&E Networks and RONs?
2) Strategies for discussions with non-Ph.D. granting institutions?
3) Current Projects, Programs and Collaborations?
Other topics and discussions are highly encouraged.


Speaker Greg Monaco Great Plains Network

Speaker Larry Gallery NYSERNet

Presentation Media

Secondary tracks United States Unified Community Anchor Network The Future: What's Next for the Net? Research Partnership Development and Engagement National/Regional Collaboration International Health Sciences Arts and Humanities Advanced Network Services and Leadership

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