Winter 2011 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs

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MPLS Tutorial

Time 01/30/11 09:00AM-05:00PM

Session Abstract

This full-day Tutorial is intended for network architects and engineers from higher education institutions. The main topic will be the deployment of MPLS in the campus environment. This encompasses:

* Providing use cases for the implementation of MPLS, answering the question why it's relevant to a campus network.

* Providing general background on MPLS, including a description of the MPLS wire format and a general glossary of terminology that engineers may face.

* Introducing the control plane technologies related to MPLS, including BGP and LDP.

* Providing concrete examples of MPLS deployments, including router configurations.

* Discuss the changes to troubleshooting and other network management aspects in a network that utilizes MPLS.

* Providing a hands-on environment to experiment with MPLS configurations.

Participants will be expected to be familiar with the operations of a campus data network, including IP routing, sub-netting, and dynamic routing protocols. No specific experience with MPLS is assumed.


Speaker David Farmer University of Minnesota

Speaker David Farmer University of Minnesota

Secondary tracks Tutorials Network Infrastructures Emerging Technologies

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