Spring 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Steve Corbató

ORG University of Utah Title Director of Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Initiatives BIO Steve Corbató is the Director of Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Initiatives at the University of Utah. He is leading or supporting a number of critical research IT efforts, including the development of a new off-campus data center, the Research@UEN optical network in Utah, and the expansion of high performance computing and research storage capabilities for faculty and student researchers. He has collaborated with network researchers within the School of Computing developing the Emulab/protoGENI network/systems testbed and with computational scientists in the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute. He serves as a member of the University''s Campus Cyberinfrastructure Council and the Utah Education Network Steering Group.
From 2000 to 2006, he served in leadership positions at Internet2, a national higher education non-profit dedicated to promoting the missions of its members by providing both leading-edge network capabilities and unique partnership opportunities that facilitate the development, deployment, and use of revolutionary Internet technologies. In this capacity, he initially oversaw all national network infrastructure activities - including the Abilene Network, the MAN LAN exchange point in New York City, and the FiberCo dark fiber acquisition and holding vehicle. He later served as the Managing Director for Technology with responsibility for a portfolio including network research facilitation, network performance, middleware, and security.
Prior to joining Internet2, Dr. Corbató was the technical lead for the Pacific/Northwest Gigapop and manager of network engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. He played a key supporting role in the development of the IP network within the Washington State K-20 Network.
He is board chair and treasurer of FirstMile.US, a non-profit organization supporting the development of community-based, ''big broadband'' networks in the U.S. From 2003 until 2006, he served as a board member and treasurer for National LambdaRail (NLR), Inc. He currently serves in the same roles for the Avenues Baseball League, Inc. in Salt Lake City.
His academic background is in experimental astrophysics. He earned his B.A. cum laude from Rice University and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He later was a post-doctoral researcher with the Cosmic Ray Physics research group at the University of Uta