Spring 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Advancing 9-1-1 and Emergency Communications into the Next Generation

Time 04/28/10 07:30AM-08:30AM

Session Abstract

Internet2 and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) are two founding members of the Next Generation Consortium (NGSC). The thirty-member Consortium brings together national organizations involved in emergency response, academic institutions, government leaders, and industry leaders in an effort intended to design, demonstrate, and enable the deployment of next generation emergency Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Consortium promotes a fundamentally new approach to emergency response - broadband access for all 9-1-1 and emergency response agencies, robust and secure broadband backbone networks connecting them, and the multiple services and applications enabled by such broadband access.

Some of the planned activities of the Consortium include (1) completing the detailed design for shared state and regional backbone Emergency Service Internet Protocol networks (ESInets) for safety use, and facilitating the establishment of a national

Secondary tracks Network Performance Health Sciences Cyberinfrastructure

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