Spring 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Collaboration Tools provided by Internet2

Time 04/27/10 08:45AM-10:00AM

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Session Abstract

As part of its educational mission, Internet2 has installed servers at the Internet2 Commons for a number of popular collaboration tools. These include Polycom CMA, RADVision Scopia desktop, Tandberg MOVI and VidyoDesktop. They are available to you now, in various stages of readiness, as will be explained. They were chosen because they are H.323 compatible, and their companies are Internet2 corporate members. The purpose of these servers is to provide you easy access to these tools, so you can learn about them and intercompare them yourself. Each one will be described and briefly demonstrated, and interoperability among all the tools will be demonstrated via the Commons standard video conferencing MCU. Their features will be compared and contrasted. For production use, schools are expected to provide their own local user support, and the Commons will offer training workshops for support people and instructional design people, in the use of these tools. This presentation will be followed by several hand-on sessions today and tomorrow where you can install and try out these tools on your own laptop, or use one already provided. Experienced mentors will be on hand to help you and answer your questions.


Speaker Bob Dixon Ohio Academic Resources Network

Speaker Ken Fox OARnet

Speaker Ben Fineman Internet2

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Collaboration Tools Provided by Internet2 (pdf)

Speaker Bob Dixon Ohio Academic Resources Network

Speaker Ben Fineman Internet2

Speaker Ken Fox OARnet

Speaker Gregory A. Jackson University of Chicago

Secondary tracks Teaching and Learning, K20

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