Spring 2010 Internet2 Member Meeting

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Workforce Changes in the Maturing IT Industry

Time 04/28/10 03:00PM-04:00PM

Session Abstract

This session investigates the changes in the types and skills of IT workers as the IT industry matures. Parallels are drawn to the maturation of industries from previous eras throughout US history. As the IT industry begins to stabilize after 20 years of intense Internet growth, the types of workers, job expectations, methods for training workers, worker expectations, etc. are changing. Just as with any other industry, once this stabilization occurs, process and procedure take over to provide stability and repeatability in the production of our "products". As R&E networking must stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and ideas, our position in this "stabilized" IT industry is often a challenging one: How to retain the innovation and creativity of the early years in a five-plus nines production environment? While each institution must find its own right answers, the same challenges face us all. The session also chronicles how one regional network came to realize these changes and is working to adapt operations to continue to meet goals while molding to fit the changing face of the IT Industry.


Speaker Cort Buffington KanREN

Secondary tracks Network Planning and Engineering

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